01 Sep 2023 I’m starting my Ph.D. at EPFL!

06 Jul 2023 I’ll be at the EPFL Summer Research Institute, and at PETS and HotPETS in Lausanne next week

29 Jun 2023 I’m giving this week’s talk at the ZISC seminar at ETH

10 May 2023 I’m giving a talk at the Stanford security seminar next Wednesday, and I’ll be presenting a poster at S&P 🇺🇸!

25 Apr 2023 I’ll be attending the Lattices meet Hashes workshop at the Bernoulli Center at EPFL 🇨🇭

15 Apr 2023 I’ll be starting a Ph.D. at EPFL 🇨🇭 in September 2023!

11 Mar 2023 I’m going on a little academic world tour! I’ll be giving a guest lecture at UC San Diego and at Berkeley 🇺🇸, attend the Homomorphic Encryption Standards meeting in Seoul 🇰🇷, before giving a talk at to the conference, and attending Real World Crypto and HACS in Tokyo 🇯🇵.

09 Nov 2023 I graduated from ETH Zürich with a Master’s in Cyber Security! I’m not leaving ETH yet though, I’ll be working as a research assistant in the PPS Lab for a few months.

30 Aug 2023 I’m presenting a poster at the Homomorphic Encryption Standards Meeting in Geneva 🇨🇭 and at the Intel Crypto Frontiers Research Center in Portland 🇺🇸.

12 Oct 2022 I’m extending my stay at the Lab for Data Security at EPFL as a research assistant, finishing our implementation of Homomorphic Message Authentication Codes to protect Fully Homomorphic Encryption applications.

11 May 2022 I’m starting a Summer@EPFL research stay with the Lab for Data Security at EPFL in a few days!

28 Dec 2018 I’m going to the University of Washington 🇺🇸 for an exchange quarter!