Integrity Protection Challenges for Real-World FHE

Sep 1, 2022
5th Homomorphic Encryption Standards Meeting (Geneva) | Intel Crypto Frontiers Research Center Workshop (Portland)

Research done as part of my MSc thesis in the Privacy-Preserving Systems Lab and the Applied Cryptography Group at ETH Zurich
Poster presented at the 5th Homomorphic Encryption Standards Meeting, September 1-2, 2022, at ITU-T, Geneva (Switzerland)
Poster presented at the Intel Crypto Frontiers Research Center Workshop, September 6-7, 2022, at Intel Labs, Portland (United States, Oregon)

We survey existing approaches to provide integrity guarantees for FHE applications, and show that they fall short for real-world use cases and security models. To remediate this, we introduce new integrity properties and sketch generic constructions to achieve them.

Christian Knabenhans
Christian Knabenhans

Doctoral student at EPFL. Applied cryptogrpahy, privacy-enhancing technologies, useable security.